Dash For Cash

You gotta be in it to win it!

Come along for a few hours of fun as 10 Golfer’s go head to head in our Dash For Cash Elimination Tournament! Pick a winner & place your bid in the silent auction, then follow the players around the greens and watch the competition unfold.

The winner receives a portion of the prize kitty, as does the highest bidder with the balance going to the Pelican Waters Golf Club Development Fund.

Join us afterwards in the Clubhouse for the presentation and lunch & drinks at menu prices.

For more information phone reception on (07) 5437 5000.


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1st Place: 40% Winning Bidder + 15% Winning Player

2nd Place: 15% Winning Bidder + 10% Winning Player

3rd Place: 5% Winning Bidder + 5% Winning Player

10% will go to the Pelican Waters Golf Development Fund