Our Maintenance Routine
We renovate our course twice a year, usually the 1st week of November & February. Our regular routine includes grooming the greens twice a month and light dusting of sand. The greens are needle tined monthly with a 6mm tine to aerated the turf, followed by a roller so you won’t even know that it has been done.

Environmental Practices
At Pelican Waters Golf Club we maintain a 6.5km lake system. We also have a duty of care to the native flaura and fauna on our course. For this reason all products & practices used consider the environment & we work closely with the local council in this endeavour. Some years ago we had 2 declared noxious weeds turn up in our lake system. This is an ongoing constant battle  and we are working with the council to control the weeds.

For more information view our environmental brochure here

Your Contribution to Course Maintenance
If golfers using the course repair & reduce their footprint as they play it will help maintain the course in good condition for everyone. Please adhere to course signage & etiquette as follows:

Drive On + Off Areas
Ropes & barriers are in place to redistribute the wear areas. You will find cart directional signs at the end of the fairways to guide you back to the path in the least worn area.

Pitch Marks
Maintain the condition of the greens by repairing your own and at least one other pitch mark per green. There is a right way & a wrong way to repair pitch marks.

INCORRECT – Pulling up with the repair tool as it will bring sand & roots to the surface, damaging the root structure and causing the mark to heal slowly

CORRECT – Pulling the sides of the pitch mark toward the centre and then gently flattening by tapping down with your putter. This will close the hole and not cause damage to the root structure helping the pitch mark to heal quickly.

Divots & Bunkers
Take sand with you available at the cart service & fill all divots. Consider others & rake the bunker after your shot, raking over your tracks as you exit the bunker and replacing the rake on the edge of the bunker, tines down.

Daily Updates
Please check for changed course conditions that are posted at cart service in the front of the proshop every day.

If you come across any with issues with wildlife or vegetation on the course, or require further information, please email or call 07 5437 5000.